Alcoholism Statistics
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What to Know Before Drinking Alcohol

Drinking alcohol may seem to offer a quick and harmless way to connect to others, to forget a problem, or simply to relax after a stressful day. However, the negative effects of drinking alcohol can be substantial. Here are some things to think about before you drink a glass of...

Consequences of Drunk Driving: Get Help Today

There are few crimes as heinous, preventable and cruel as the injuries and deaths that are a direct result of drunk driving. According to statistics, drunk driving incidents will cause an injury to someone every two minutes. In addition, someone will die every 30 minutes due to a...

How Alcohol Addiction Affects Teenagers

Alcohol addiction can affect teenagers in many ways. Beyond it being illegal for teenagers to consume, alcohol will take its toll in many other ways. It will put their health at risk as well as lead to poor socialization skills. Drinking alcohol also impairs the ability of the...