Alcoholism Statistics
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The Definition of Alcoholism, Causes, Diagnosis and National Statistics

Many people across the world suffer from alcoholism. Alcoholism in broad terms can be classified to mean a problem with alcohol. When an individual is suffering from alcoholism, he/she is said to have a compulsive and uncontrollable high consumption of alcohol. Alcoholism is an...
Ways To Stay Clean After Addiction Treatment

Ways To Stay Clean After Addiction Treatment

After you have gone through the initial treatment for the addiction that you are trying to fight, you need to keep your mind and body healthy in order to maintain your newfound pathway in life. Here are a few of the ways that you can help yourself to stay clean after an addiction...

When You Can No Longer Control Your Intake of Alcohol

It can be extremely difficult to acknowledge that you’ve developed a problem with alcohol. Most people are able to drink alcohol without issues, which means they can go to bars and clubs as well as having a drink after a long day of work, but alcoholics cannot. An alcoholic is...